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زارت 196 بلدا.. كاسي: شكرا لليمنيين على حسن الضيافة

كاسي دي بيكول

حققت شابة أميركية رقما قياسيا جديدا بزيارتها كل دول العالم، لتكون بذلك أول سائحة شابة تحقق هذا الإنجاز.

كاسي دي بيكول، 27 عاما، وهي تتحدر من ولاية كونيتيكت، شمال شرق الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، اختتمت رحلتها حول العالم بزيارة اليمن، ووجهت رسالة شكر إلى اليمنيين على حسن الاستضافة.

وبدأت الشابة رحلتها صيف عام 2015، وخلال 18 شهرا و26 يوميا، زارت كاسي دي بيكول 196 بلدا حول العالم، محطمة بذلك الرقم القياسي السابق، الذي استغرق من صاحبه ثلاث سنوات وثلاثة أشهر.

صورة كاسي مع سيدة سورية ​

An act of strength, and courage. 🦋 This is Hadeel. Before she hopped in the taxi, she hugged her two friends tightly and said goodbye. As we drove away, in the rearview mirror I noticed as her eyes welled with tears. Hadeel and I really connected and it turned out that those two young women were her sisters who she was saying goodbye to for perhaps years. Originally from the Western side of Aleppo, she said that she and her husband were one day repairing their balcony and when they finally fixed it, they went to Latakia for a vacation. However, upon their return, they found their entire home completely destroyed by the rebels. Her husband was able to gain acceptance as a refugee in Germany, braving the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece and then trekking along the Balkan route for 25 days until eventually reaching Germany. Hadeel had to wait a year and a half before she was granted access to live with him in Germany. At just 25, she lost her mother and at 27, her father. Now at just 28 years old, nearly the same age as I, she faces yet another testing journey. I couldn't have felt more humbled to have met her and to hear her story. But more importantly, to just tell her that everything is going to be okay, that she's strong and she will make it through. Today, she's taking her first ever flight, completely alone, after leaving her country for the first time in her life, in order to be with her husband in Germany. We all have a story, a deep story molded since birth that only we ourselves will truly know from the inside out. We're all pained in some way and by something, and no two experiences are ever the same. We're all so incredibly different in so many ways, but so much the same. The connection that I had with Hadeel, woman to woman, both at the same moment in time; both venturing out into the unknown, out of our comfort zones and a bit scared, sad, and excited all at the same time, was incredibly special. So many personal stories of humanity on this Expedition that have made me such a more humbling and understanding person, but rarely do I capture a photo in the midst of it all. Lucky I have the opportunity to share this moment with you all ❤

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وتعمل كاسي سفيرة "للمعهد الدولي للسلام من خلال السياحة"، إذ التقت بعدد من عمداء المدن ووزراء السياحة حول العالم، وأطلعتهم على "إعلان السلام" الذي أطلقه المعهد.

خلال هذه الرحلة سافرت كاسي عبر 255 رحلة جوية، واستخدمت خمس جوازات سفر، وغالبا ما كانت تقضي خمسة أيام فقط في كل بلد تزوره.

Will probably go through one more of these bad boys before I finish #expedition196 💅🏽 #braggingrights

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